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Author Solutions

Every author dreams of his book seeing the light of the day. Based on various requirements by authors, for example like publishing, reason for writing, personal goals and available resources, we at Gen-v 2.0 have some unique services dedicated solely to authors.


Pre-Publication Services:
  • Authors looking for guidance and support can log into our Author Interactive Center.
• At the time of publishing, we offer variety of editorial and illustration services.
Publication Services: Once the manuscript is ready to submit, we help authors to:
  • Custom design the book cover and its interiors.
• Make it available for distribution.
Marketing and Publishing Services: Gen-v 2.0 offers all the services to create a potential book marketing campaign. They can be categorized into -
  Publicity: We at Gen-v 2.0 take up press releases, work with traditional publicists, online and social media publicists, and review services.
Online: We undertake Email marketing services, social media setup, website designing, and Google and Amazon book search.
Multimedia: We provide marketing kits and press kits, print advertising, we advertise author videos and book trailers.
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