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Content Production
At Gen-v 2.0, we have a talented and zealous pool of experts who will gather, build and market information given by you at a much faster pace with cost effectiveness. This in turn assures returns which are greater and faster for our customers as compared to our competitors.
Our content production can be classified broadly into:
  Artwork and Graphic Design
Content Conversion
Keyboarding, Scanning, OCR
Digital Publishing
Artwork and Graphic Design
Content is what drives a reader but art and graphics is what enhances reading. It is the extra energy which makes content vigorous and exciting. The medium is as important as the message and to give it in a platter, Gen-v 2.0 has the best studio. We take the work of sowing the seed or conceptualizing to executing the finished product. With enhanced digital and image management capabilities, Gen-v 2.0 illustrators:
  • Incorporate high resolution scans
• Use image manipulation software to label, enhance, and augment any art work
• Convert any work sent electronically by authors to choice medium
• Can magnificently draw and design a cover page
Some of the applications used are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, MacroMedia, CorelDraw, Aldus Freehand, Mathematica, DeltaGraph etc.
Content Conversion
Irrespective of the type of source, Gen-v 2.0 is highly equipped at converting any logical content to digital format. Output media include:
  • eBooks
• PDFs
• Digital journals
• Websites
• Interactive Textbooks
• XML/DITA and more…
All conversions at Gen-v 2.0 are done with utmost assurance on quality and cost.
Keyboarding, Scanning and OCR
State of the art tools and processes at Gen-v 2.0 for keyboarding, scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), helps in managing high volume of content and give consistent delivery. Our keyboarding service is multilingual and uses double and triple key entry, which means data is correlated by two independent operators for minimum redundancy and maximum accuracy and output.
Scanning is done by sophisticated image processing software. After receiving the scanned images, they are verified by data specialists via keyboarding and verify through embedded validation tools for accuracy. Scanning solutions include:
  • Photo scanning with color correction
• Image manipulation
• Line art scanning
Optical Character Recognition or OCR is an electronic conversion of scanned images of any printed data source. Some of the benefits of digitizing printed data are:
  • Can be electronically searched
• Stored more compactly and concisely
• Can be displayed online
• Can be used in machine translation like text to speech translation
• Can be vividly used in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and computer vision
Digital Publishing
Today's readers are the Gen Next readers. They are evolving along with this dynamic world of technology. They want content available via various media like web, print, smart phones, eReaders, tablets and PCs. Digital Publishing platform delivers superior XML technology. It helps in writing, editing, compiling, managing and delivering content to all mediums.
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