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Publishing Services
Gen-v 2.0 provides various combinations of editorial, composition, eBook and Designing services for a truly customized publishing experience. Our Publishing services cover the entire cycle of publishing, from content writing to final print and e-deliverables.

With our proficiency in content designing, production and delivery, we efficiently manage your digital media operations so that you can focus on core business activities.
Editorial Services
Gen-v 2.0 Editorial expert team fine-tune and format your manuscript, and help your product to reach its best. Our service assures that your writing is free of obvious mistakes before approaching typesetting or public. Our technical editors also provides professional comments and review regarding overall writing style, internal consistency, flow of presentation and first impressions by the end-user.

As Gen-v 2.0 respect your writing style and the overall tone of your manuscript, we only recommend substantive language editing if needed. Gen-v 2.0 offers publishing houses a customized service and capable of handling large volumes of work with consistently flawless quality and absolute reliability.
Our levels of professional editing services include:
  • Level 1
    Copy Editing includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency in your writing.
  • Level 2
    Technical Editing includes all of Level 1 editing and formatting of citations, references, and footnotes according to the style specification.
  • Level 3
    Line Editing includes Levels 1 and 2 and supplementary sentence re-writes when necessary.This level includes reviewing the character elements for consistency in book works.

Developmental Editing 

Gen-v 2.0 Developmental Editing process involves pre- and post-review processing, generating document statistics, and co-ordinating the entire project from rough concept to market-ready product. Developmental editing includes the services of Developmental editing evaluation, Line editing, and a Quality review.

Substantive Editing Services

Our Substantive Editing services cover all aspects of Copy Editing. In addition, they include advanced editing which focuses on logic, structure and presentation of your manuscript.

Subject Experience

  • Microbiology
  • optics
  • physics
  • physiology
  • psychology
  • History
  • Geology
  • biology
  • clinical medicine
  • humanities
  • legal


Typesetting and Graphics

We provide technical typesetting and Illustration services for Authors, Academic Institutes, Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers and any companies requiring high-quality, cost-effective and fast turn-around services.

we will efficiently manage the entire prepress lifecycle that include graphic design, editing, typesetting, and proofing.

Our experienced and skilled compositors are capable of delivering services, using different page composition software such as InDesign, Quark, Framemaker, LaTeX and Word, along with NLM DTD or any other DTDs

We process XML-driven workflows by preserving the integrity of the XML file and designed to meet the publisher’s DTD all through the course of the production cycle. Also we generate legacy XML on demand, a full-length XML environment composition for print and online delivery.

Cover Design: Our creative graphics team creates unique designs, effective and visually-appealing book covers, together with apt layout and mesmeric illustrations that appropriately reflect your subject, helping your product stand out.

Proofing:Our technical quality team, Proofread, validate, and Test the final output on different e-readers, and print suitability, to ensure that it is in sync with the eBook retail/distribution channels.

Artwork and Graphic Design

The Graphic medium is as important as the message and to give it in a platter, Gen-v 2.0 has the best studio. Our Graphic Designers are highly skilled in 2D and 3D designing methodologies. We also process figures, illustrations and redraw artwork based on a rough sketch provided by the author. With enhanced digital and image management capabilities, we can effectively convey your content to the end-user.

Illustrations and artwork services include:

  • Image conversion
  • Relabeling, Redrawing and Masking
  • Medical illustrations
  • Children’s Book and cartoon illustrations
  • Textbooks and e-Learning Illustrations
  • Image creation, assembling and manipulation
  • Cover design


eBook Conversion

Our expert and experienced team at Gen-v 2.0, is committed to offer a broad range of e-book creation and conversion services including all major platforms and devices. We create and publish the content from any format to any eReader, smartphone or tablet platform. Our team always follow the latest technology trends and endeavour to provide you the best quality within the specified time frame.

HTML5/ePub3 eBooks

We also provide EPUB 3.0, the latest and a major upgrade of Apple's EPUB which introduces a lot of interesting and interactive features to it.

Mobi/KF8 Conversion

Leveraging the advanced KF8 features, Gen-v 2.0 creates advanced KF8 eBooks in both re-flowable format, fixed-layout format, and Kindle edition with audio/video format.

Enhanced eBooks

As the e-publishing is growing gradually, the "Enhanced e-Books" has become the buzz word of the industry. Gen-v 2.0 provides services for Enhanced e-Books by integrating a lot of multimedia features in it such as audio, video, 3-D images, animation and pop-up graphics to make it more accessible and interesting.

Fixed Layout eBooks

Gen-v 2.0 creates Fixed Layout eBooks to retains page design and layout same as your print book. Fixed Layout e-Books are created using two-page-spread and page-turn animations which gives you the feeling of actually holding a book in hand and turning pages one by one.

We can develop marvelous looking Fixed Layout e-Books with colorful illustrated images for the following major e-Book retailers:

  • iBook Store: Fixed-Layout EPUB are created for Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod devices.
  • KF8: KF8 for Amazon's Kindle Fire devices.


XML Conversion

Gen-v 2.0’s Digital Publishing platform delivers superior XML technology for various web-publishing needs.

We convert the content into XML format, enabling publishers to dynamically deliver their content to the end-user, and provide the services in the following categories for books, magazines, journals, manuals, manuscripts and other.

  • XML tagging services
  • PDF to XML conversion
  • HTML to XML conversion
  • Text to XML conversion services

We use advanced tools and latest technologies to convert your almost all digital formats and also the hard copy documents to XML format. Gen-v 2.0 has been successfully delivered many bulk XML conversions within the allotted time and a wide range of projects for publishers, libraries, universities, etc., globally.


Project Management Services

Gen-v 2.0 Project managers takes the task of smooth transition of a project from the hands of the publisher to delivering the final product on time in compliance with the client’s product standard and quality. We manage the project and coordinate in a way that you feel like you are sitting virtually at your office and handling your own team.

It involves the following system:

  • We collect requirements of the project carefully with recorded documentation to ensure that the final output is as per the specifications.
  • Share the schedule with the client, including all stages of delivery, from trial output to final dispatch.
  • Amend the project documentation for any query replies, reviews and updates and make sure that the same is addressed to the team.
  • Make sure that all the stages of deliveries are completed as per the shared schedule plan with accepted quality terms.
  • Maintaining Project tracking system, andcan be monitored by the customer at any point of time for the project status.
  • Always keep alternative Risk Management plan to meet the deadline and Quality.
  • Dispatch on time and our task is to score applause from the customer.

Some of our offerings include:

  • STM books and journals
  • Magazines
  • Academic books
  • University Press books and journals
  • Comic books
  • Annual reports and Corporate publications 
  • B2B media kits
  • Fiction and Non-fiction books

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